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Mitee-Bite Products

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Mitee-Bite Products is the innovator of compact, low-profile edge clamps geared towards improving production and providing solutions for difficult workholding applications. Mitee-Bite is proud to produce products that allows customers to improve their processes by simple means. They can help design and develop new procedures to help reduce idle spindle time and wasted man-hours, increase your efficiency and output, and become even more competitive in the global marketplace.

Product Highlights

  • Fixture Clamps
  • T-Slots Clamps
  • Vacuum Clamping Systems
  • Vise Jaws & Stops

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Fixture Clamp

Uniforce® Clamp

Machinable Uniforce® Clamp

Pitbull® Clamp

Machinable Pitbull® Clamp


ID Xpansion™ Clamp

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